Land for Wildlife

The Land for Wildlife (LFW) program is a voluntary property registration scheme
for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat.


Habitat for Wildlife On Line is to recognise the voluntary efforts of landholders in conservation. Fill in the form to join.
(if different)
(1 acre = 0.405ha, 1ha = 10,000m2)
If your block is greater than 2ha please consider our Land for Wildlife Program
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'Committment to Habitat for Wildlife - cost $20 (inc. gst)' is a paid field. The price is $ 20.00. Click the checkbox on the left side if you wish to activate this option.
I/we, agree to become a member of Habitat for Wildlife. As a member of Habitat for Wildlife I/we will endeavour to encourage native wildlife into our backyard by providing suitable shelter, natural foods and water. I/we, will endeavour to ensure that our native wildlife is safe from pets and invasive plants. I/we, support the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative and understand that the Community Environment Network will supply available information and activities on habitat issues from time to time.

CEN Office Location

Contact details

CALL 02 4349 4756

FAX 02 4349 4755

PO Box 149 Ourimbah NSW 2258

The Manor, Central Coast Campus
University of Newcaste
Brush Road Ourimbah


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